Canadian Made and 100% Recycled Steel

Wire Mesh Lockers

Our storage lockers provide a sturdy and fully customizable solution for:

  • Apartments
  • Multi Tennant Buildings
  • Condominium tenants
  • Business tenants

Our Canadian-made, 100% recyclable steel ensures superior protection against water and fire damage, while also providing years of maintenance-free performance. These steel mesh storage lockers are also fully customizable, allowing you to fit them into any space, regardless of room size or the fixtures present. Our standard 1” x 4” steel mesh design also provides the ultimate barrier between storage content and potential thieves.


Features of wire storage lockers:

Galvanized Steel Construction
Standard 1×4 High Security 10ga Mesh
Dual Lock Hasps
Easy sprinkler flow through top ceiling
Locker Numbering
Locally Canadian made from recyclable steel


Vertical Ceiling Fence
Higher Security Solid Panel Lockers
Two Tier Space Saver Lockers
Over the vehicle space saver locker
Custom Finishes
Custom layouts and sizes made to order locally at our factory


Professional Installation
Professional layout drawing provided at time of order
1 Year Warranty